What To Expect

Are You New?

Visiting a new church can be exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time!  We are so happy you're considering being our guest, so we compiled a list of a few Frequently Asked Questions to make your time with us as comfortable as possible.

Here are some things you might want to know...


What do I wear?

Come and be comfortable! We are more interested in getting to know you than what kind of clothes you're wearing! Some people might be in suit & tie or dresses, and others may come in more casual clothes.


Where do I park?

There are parking spots all around the church building. If you don't see an open space, the parking lot across the street at the elementary school is available also.


The Lobby

Once you enter the main door (which faces Centralia Avenue), the Main Sanctuary double doors are straight ahead, while the bathrooms are to your right. To the left are three classrooms for kids.  There is also a water cooler to your right, near the kitchen area.


I brought my kids! Where do they go?

On Sundays, there will be children's classes for kids between two and 18 years old. Take your kids into the Main Sanctuary first, and they will be dismissed to their individual classes from there.  Just listen for your child's age when announced.


Where do I sit?

Sit wherever you are comfortable! Some like to sit close and up front, near the platform (stage). Others like to be a bit further back. Once you're settled in, introduce yourself to the people sitting close to you. They might be guests, too!


I'm here. Now what?

Try to relax and enjoy the music that's playing before the service starts. Reflect on why you came in the first place. What do you need from God? He can do it for you today! There will probably be others praying - some may kneel down at their seat, others may go to the front at the altar. You may see a few people zipping around, making last-minute preparations for the service. We'll begin soon!


What's the music like?

The Bible says to "make a joyful noise unto the Lord" and "Sing unto the Lord a new song"! So we sing with joy, with passion, and with enthusiasm! You will hear a wide range of Christian music genres, from hymns to contemporary, gospel to southern! And sometimes we'll blend a new song with an old favorite! We have a band that plays drums, a keyboard, and guitars, along with several vocalists who will lead you through several songs. People will be singing, clapping their hands, lifting their hands and maybe even dancing! Everyone worships God differently.


What can I expect from the sermon?

You'll often hear from Pastor Mark Koogler, Sr. Although sometimes he asks another minister at the church or a guest speaker to present the message. In any case, messages can often be categorized into "Preaching" and "Teaching". In other words, sometimes the sermon is designed to grip our hearts, admonish us to change, and encourage us to stand strong in the Faith. This is "Preaching", and is passionate, exciting and even emotional. Other times, the minister is "Teaching". This involves a thorough study of Bible passages, often presenting multiple verses, all designed to educate us about God's Word.


What do I do after the service?

The minister will often invite any who want to pray to come to the altar at the front. While no one is obligated to go, keep an open heart and follow God's leading. If you have a need, and want someone to pray with you, make your way to the front and there will be people who will gladly help you pray.


After dismissal

You are free to come and go anytime, but we hope to have a chance to meet you and get to know you better after church! Please complete a guest Connection Card before you leave, and we'll be in touch!


  March 2018  
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